How our rugs are made

1   The first step in making a patchwork rug is precisely the choice of which pieces will be used and how they will be arranged on the rug. This is rather an arduous task as there are around 400 different types of cloth in our warehouse.

The second step, after the separations of the pieces, is the start of the stitching. The pattern chosen for demonstration purposes was the "birch". This presents what we call the nucleus from which the parallel strips that will form the central design of the rug originate. The sequence below shows the stitching of the parallel strips.   2

3    4
5    6

7   Once the strips have been sewn on the nucleus the first stage in the making of the birch is now complete. This stage will be carried out two more times since the pattern has three central motifs using this type of fabrication (nucleus and parallel strips).

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