How our rugs are made

13 We have now reached the phase of finishing. In the photograph we can see the making at the exact spot were the edge is to being sewn. In this way it is possible to obtain a preview of the finished piece.

The person doing the stitching should be guided by the aforementioned markings. In the event of the markings not being followed, the stitching should be undone and restarted. 14  

15   The next step is to place a layer of acrylon on the reverse side of the rug. This material is similar to a sponge and is designed to protect the rug and provide a feeling of well-being to the person purchasing the product.

The photograph shows what a Traša Artesanato rug is composed of:

1st layer: Sewn pieces of cloth
2nd layer: Acrylon
3rd layer: Lining.

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