Who makes Traça Artesanato

"The work by Cristina Ribeiro transcends the traditional patchwork made in Brazil and in other countries. The pieces of material which compose the magic surface of her artistic creation come from different areas: some from nearby regions and others from very far away. Its origins are mainly from the sertão of the northeast region of Brazil, but also influenced by the craft from Afghanistan and India, Turkey and China. They have an atavistic and ancestral strength because they derive from the people and harmonize in a new approach, a new region reading, which despite being apparently poor is very rich and universal. Cristina devises constructive spaces and, like a painter, she executes her daily mosaic. Most important and in a most selfless way, she teaches her team how to be inventive and to be proud of their creations. She shares her space, both physical and cultural , considering the whole of Traça Artesanato, to which she modestly consigns the signature of her creation."

Tereza Costa Rego
Director of the Museum of the State of Pernambuco

Cristina Ribeiro

Cristina and her team

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